Fashion Marketing Students Take ‘Retail 101’ Tour

Fashion Marketing Students Take ‘Retail 101’ Tour thumbnail97096
High school students in Joanne Macrelli’s fashion marketing classes recently attended a “Retail 101” tour of the famous Macy’s department store in Herald Square in Manhattan. 

Accompanied by business teachers, 32 students learned the long and interesting history of Macy’s from its earliest days as a small store in Union Square to its present location in Herald Square. The students toured the massive store with a guide and were shown many detailed examples of the various ways that Macy’s merchandises their apparel and accessories. The guide explained why certain types of clothing are placed in prominent locations within the store to catch the attention of shoppers. 

They also learned about the many famous designers whose apparel lines the walls of Macy’s, such as Michael Kors, Ralph Lauren, Eileen Fisher and Calvin Klein, and how each area of the retail space was utilized to showcase the many new clothing lines that are available for the upcoming season. The tour concluded in the “cellar,” which houses prom dresses and clothing that appeals to high schoolers. “During the tour, students were able to reinforce learning from the classroom in regard to the elements of design and marketing, which are integral parts of our fashion marketing curricula,” said Macrelli. “It was an excellent opportunity for learning real-world marketing.”