Bayview Students Complete ‘Electrifying’ Lighthouse Project

Bayview Students Complete ‘Electrifying’ Lighthouse Project thumbnail97099
Bayview Students Complete ‘Electrifying’ Lighthouse Project2 thumbnail97100
While exploring the topic of electricity for a lighthouse project, fourth-graders at Bayview investigated how electrical charges flow in a circuit and built their very own circuits. 

First, the students engaged in hands-on lessons to support their understanding of electricity. After careful training, these young “electricians” were ready to put their skills to the test. To power their lighthouses, the students used batteries as an energy source. Wires allowed for the charges to flow and the light bulbs acted as resistors to transform the energy. The students added switches to their circuits to easily change them from open to closed. With the circuit closed, electricity was able to travel and the light bulbs would shine brightly.