Student Leaders ‘Hired’ at Bellew

Student Leaders ‘Hired’ at Bellew thumbnail104960

Third-, fourth- and fifth-graders at Bellew recently completed job applications for positions in the school and returned them to Bellew’s student leadership board. Jobs run for two months at a time and all students who applied and submitted “references” were hired.

The announcement team has added a sports and weather report to the school’s daily announcements and the community service leaders are a part of the Happiness Project Club. Wednesday is recycling day at Bellew, and the recycling leaders travel around the school to collect paper from bins left outside the classroom doors. Lastly, building greeters are responsible for welcoming visitors to Bellew for special events and concerts. In the morning, greeters are in the halls, saying hello and smiling as students start their day.

“So far, our student leadership teams get an A for effort,” said Principal Rhonda Pratt.