West Islip’s Thirst Project Hosts Open House

West Islip’s Thirst Project Hosts Open House thumbnail114606

The high school’s Thirst Project hosted an open house and family night at the high school on March 6. The club’s co-presidents, seniors Douglas Dillman and Jennifer Nieves, invited Evan Wesley, the Thirst Project’s vice president of student activation, to give a presentation regarding the global water crisis.

Attendees learned about the importance of water security and how all aspects of community sustainability rely on clean water. In addition to Wesley’s lecture, club members prepared three interactive display stations – “water availability,” “walking for water” and “waterborne diseases” – to provide detailed information about the difficulties of a life without clean water. Parents viewed a model of what contaminated water looks like, and had the opportunity to try to carry a five-gallon jerrycan weighing 44 pounds, which replicated the daily struggle of women and young children in the developing world to access water.

“West Islip is the gold standard of Thirst Project clubs worldwide and has carried on a legacy of student activism and community involvement within the charity organization,” said Wesley.

The evening also included several raffles. Alumna Vicky Labetti won two free tickets to West Islip Thirst Project’s upcoming third annual gala, while senior Matthew Rittenhouse went home with assorted chocolates.