Three Manetuck Fourth Grade Musicians Attend PEAK Fest

Three Manetuck Fourth Grade Musicians Attend PEAK Fest thumbnail141798
Guided by music teacher Karen Isaksen-Taylor, fourth graders George Elasmar, Lauren Gallagher and Benjamin Miale from Manetuck recently attended the 11th annual SCMEA Parents, Educators and Kids Festival.

The PEAK Festival is dedicated to fourth grade students learning and experiencing music, culminating with a sharing session performance, and does not require students to prepare music beforehand. Parents, music educators and the students are all invited to attend morning workshops in different areas of music, including ukulele, singing games, musical theater, folk dance, Orff orchestrations, and aboriginal songs and chorus. This provides the students with a unique musical experience and gives educators the chance to bring some new ideas back to the classroom. PEAK’s clinicians expertly guide the sessions toward both instructing the students and explaining the methodologies and teaching techniques, thus including parents in the learning process.