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Counseling Department

Justin Arini, Director of Counseling

Rosemary Reichert, Senior Office Assistant

At the West Islip High School, school counselors work closely with students assisting them to develop their ability in the areas of educational, personal and vocational development. Through individual counseling and group presentations, counselors help students understand their learning strengths and weaknesses, choose appropriate courses, plan for transition to college and careers, and meet personal challenges in a mature, appropriate way.

Listed below are the skills and abilities that the School Counseling Department works with students to promote:

Learning Competencies
1. Understand one’s own learning abilities and how to best apply them.
2. Understand the school environment and what is expected.
3. Understand the school curriculum and the impact course selection will have on future plans.
4. Learn to set realistic goals and develop strategies to reach them.
5. Understand how standardized test results are used and how to interpret them.

Personal Competencies
1. Understand personal relationships and how to establish an independent identity.
2. Take responsibility for personal decisions.
3. Understand and appreciate one’s own capabilities and those of others.
4. Learn how to resolve conflicts.
5. Learn to cope with change and plan for the future.

Career/Vocational Competencies
1. Form tentative career goals and strategies for attaining them.
2. Become informed about post high school educational opportunities and the issues involved in the selection process.

Grades 9 and 10 - Counselors meet individually with students to review course requirements, develop appropriate 4-year academic plans, and acquaint students with various resources available to them.

Grade 11 - Juniors are informed about College Board testing and the college selection and application process. Students will compile a list of colleges to contact or visit as a result of utilizing the Naviance online program. They will be taught what to accomplish in their visitations and how to interview. Course selections for grade 12 will be reviewed. Students will have an opportunity to prepare for the SATs.

Grade 12 - Seniors are given an overview of the college process, including College Board testing, as well as assistance with college applications. An evening program is conducted to assist in the financial aid process. Students not planning to attend college will have an opportunity to attend a job fair.

Career and Technical Education

For students interested in Career and Technical Education (CTE), there are a variety of sequences and courses available both in the district and at BOCES. District programs offer students the opportunity to take courses in the areas of Business Education, Family and Consumer Sciences and Technology. District CTE programs are available to students under age 21 in grades 9 through 12. BOCES CTE programs are available to students in grades 11 and 12. Courses in CTE are available to all students without regard to gender, handicap or race. Questions or concerns regarding equality of access to program offerings should be addressed to the following staff members:

Title IX issues ~
Dawn Morrison, Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction

Handicapped student issues
Jeanne Dowling, Director of Special Education

Information regarding opportunities in CTE is distributed to students. However, parents and students interested in obtaining further information concerning course offerings should contact the High School Counseling Office.

College & Financial Aid Links

Scholarship Information from

Community Service Endorsed Diploma

The Board of Education desires to establish a diploma endorsement for students who have completed one hundred or more hours of community service during their high school careers. Those who qualify for the Century Club will be recognized with a seal that will be affixed to their diplomas, as well through notations on their official high school transcript, and in the graduation program. 

Application Procedure: 
The community service may be acquired through school sponsored and independent, but verifiable, community activities. Verification will be handled through the counseling department. Each time a service is completed, a “community service verification form”, will be filled out and submitted to the counseling office. 

The form will be placed in the student’s file. Midway during the senior year, students who are interested in the endorsement and believe that they have or will achieve it, will apply to the counseling office. The counselors will pull the student’s file, verify and count the accumulated hours and respond to the student. Any questionable situations will be brought to the Site Based Team for consideration.
*There is an expectation that students who receive this endorsement will maintain an exemplary record of good citizenship throughout their high school careers. 

Students will be provided with a list of community organizations for whom students may volunteer. The organizations that support our efforts will also be recognized at Board of Education meetings and/or through district publications or by letter. We will notify parents of ninth grade students annually by letter of this opportunity, as well as explain this process to all students at the beginning of each year. We will attempt to get signature verifications from all community organizations, wherever possible.