District and Superintendent Goals and Objectives
Board of Education
2012 Biennial Review of Compact Plan
Bond Advisory Committee Meetings
Budget Advisory Committee
Buildings and Grounds Committee Meetings
Education Committee Meetings
Finance Committee Meetings
Goals and Objectives
Independent Auditor's Report
Legislative Action Committee
Planning Sessions
Regular School Board Meetings
Videos of Board and Budget Meetings
  1.  Continue to implement the Common Core Standards
    Revise the Elementary Report Card
  2.  Continue implementation of the APPR System
  3. Revise the allocation and structure of AIS/RtI Services as per the change in State mandate
  4. Complete the revision of the district Professional Development Plan
  5. Enhance Safety and Security-Create a 5 Year Safety and Security Plan
  6. Develop a Bond Proposal to address Safety and Security, Emergency Preparedness, and Technology needs
  7. Implement a plan to manage the rental agreements and needs at Kirdahy and Westbrook
  8. Address the yearly deficit issue of the Food Service Program
  9. Develop a long-term plan to provide for the PARCC and educational technology needs of the district