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Cosmetology Students Get HS Newscasters Camera-Ready

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Isabella Lucchese and John Murphy, two students studying cosmetology at Eastern Suffolk BOCES, have joined the high school’s “Lions News Live” newscast program. Put in charge of hair and makeup for the news team, Lucchese and Murphy have worked hard to make anchors more camera-ready prior to the filming of the main announcements on Thursday mornings.  

“I honestly think it’s a great opportunity because I get to learn more about figuring what makeup goes with their hairstyle, their eye color and what they’re wearing,” said Lucchese. She has long been interested in makeup and hair and started studying cosmetology this year with an eye to pursuing it as her future career.

“The cosmetology students working with our news program is very important because it includes the BOCES students in the regular flow of the school,” said Ronald Weber, the video production and digital photography teacher in charge of the newscast. “Because of their scheduling, sometimes the BOCES students are not able to be included in different things, but this brings their talent to the mainstream of the high school. Both students are excited to be part of the program and I hope that we can continue doing this in the coming years with our future cosmetology students.”

“Lions News Live” segments can be viewed at