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West Islip HEARTT Group Hosts “Senior” Prom

West Islip HEARTT Group Hosts “Senior” Prom thumbnail123322
The Students With HEARTT community group at the high school recently hosted a “senior” prom for senior citizens. The students brought flowers, played trivia games, danced and chatted with the seniors.

“Coming together as a group and putting smiles on people’s faces felt really good,” said Class of 2019 graduate Kaeleigh Grossman. “We definitely accomplished what we wanted to achieve and that’s something I’m so proud of.”

“Learning can take place all around us, not just in the classroom,” said Students With HEARTT founder Virginia Scudder. “Things like volunteering or simply listening to a person in need helps foster growth and lifelong lessons that help us grow as individuals. My HEARTT students know this and have gained knowledge in all of our endeavors.”