West Islip Public Schools
What Do You Want to Know?
Do you have a question about something that's happening in the school district? Community members are encouraged to ask about issues in they which they have an interest. If you have a question for which you would like clarification based in fact, please e-mail it to the district at questions@wi.k12.ny.us.  The question will be posted and addressed factually on this web site.

December 4, 2013 What is the procedure the district follows when it is notified of a sex offender residing in West Islip?
When a sex offender registers within our zip code, the Suffolk County Police Department conducts an investigation to verify that the offender resides at the address. Once the verification has been completed, the SCPD provides the authorization required to disclose the information to the community. A “Community Alert” letter is posted on our website followed by a message through our School Messenger system.

If the district learns of this information through a mechanism other than the police department, it must still obtain verification and authorization to disclose the information.

November 1, 2013 My child is struggling with his English and math homework, and I feel like I cannot help him. Why do we have standards all of a sudden? 
The Board of Regents adopted the new P-12 Common Core Learning Standards for ELA & Literacy and Mathematics in January 2011. The Common Core Standards are built on the best of the state standards and learning expectations that preceded them. They provide a consistent, clear understanding of what students are expected to learn, so teachers and parents know what they need to do to help them and reflect the knowledge and skills that our young people need for success in college and careers. 
November 1, 2013 Can I opt my child out of all assessments?   
There is no law or procedure that authorizes a public school district to allow a parent to “opt-out” of State assessments. Therefore, since no opt out procedure is authorized by law or by the New York State Education Department (SED), the District cannot grant a request to permit a child to opt out of the State assessments. 
November 1, 2013 There is a large number of people smoking on/around Kirdahy. I thought there was no smoking on school grounds. Why are they allowed to do this?  
Smoking is not permitted on school grounds. The district has been attempting to work with the coordinator at National Grid to address this concern. Although the manager at National Grid reinforces the no smoking rule every day in class, and has delivered this message personally on a number of occasions, some of those attending the provided training have been unwilling to cooperate. While we cannot control what people do off school grounds, we have requested that they not congregate to smoke so conspicuously across the street, which is essentially on our neighbors’ properties.

We are discussing options, but they are limited. The Board stated at the most recent Buildings and Grounds Committee meeting that it has no intention of extending the lease when it expires in February.

(Editor’s Note: This issue has been addressed at Westbrook, as well.)

November 1, 2013 Does one of our current Board of Education members have a connection to the South Shore Children’s Center? Is it true that the Children’s Center is paying less than other tenants?   
Mrs. Annmarie LaRosa is a former business associate of Mrs. Tsouprakos, who owns the SSCC in West Islip. Although they have dissolved their partnership, Mrs. LaRosa has abstained from votes relating to the lease with SSCC.

The rent paid by SSCC is in line with that of other tenants. Some of the tenants were provided with equipment and furniture, and the charged rate is reflective of that. SSCC did not receive any other considerations from the district. In fact, a defunct bathroom and closet (192 square feet) were recently added to the lease. The SSCC renovated the area at a cost to them of approximately $22,000, in exchange for no increase in rent associated with that portion of the closet and bathroom for the remainder of the initial five (5) year term of the lease agreement. The District will retain the improvements upon expiration of the lease agreement.

November 1, 2013  Is the school district making a profit on the rentals at Kirdahy and Westbrook?
As of November 1, the net profit (anticipated) for 2013-2014 is $140,265. 
November 1, 2013 Does West Islip Public Schools have a mission statement? If so, where can I get a copy?   
The Mission Statement may be found on the district website at http://www.wi.k12.ny.us/schools.htm