Substance Abuse Awareness
The Rising Epidemic of Substance Abuse Against Young Adults
Substance Abuse Pamphlet
Substance Abuse Awareness
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Abuse Against Young
  Dear Parents and Guardians:

This year, the West Islip School District has intensified its efforts to educate students, parents and staff about the dangers of heroin use and other forms of drug abuse. Toward this end, we have had multiple assemblies and presentations by experts in the fields of medicine and law enforcement, as well as by parents who have lost a child to drug overdose.

Part of this initiative has included a COMPASS-sponsored survey completed by sixth, eighth, and tenth grade students regarding their personal experiences with tobacco, alcohol, and marijuana. This pamphlet includes a snapshot of the results of this survey, along with other articles and websites of interest.

It is my hope that this material will help you to initiate a conversation with your child(ren) on this subject or to become more cognizant of the danger signs. Thank you for your continued cooperation and support.