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LionheartLionheart Fund

Lionheart Foundation now accepting donations to aid West Islip families

If you are contemplating a financial donation please consider the Lionheart Foundation. Checks should be made out to the West Islip Summit Coalition with Lionheart written in the memo line. Every donation counts no matter how large or small.

Please send checks to:
West Islip Summit Coalition (with Lionheart written in the memo line)
c/o Mr. John Mullins
Bayview Elementary School
165 Snedecor Avenue
West Islip, NY 11795

Payment is made by check or credit card. You will be emailed a receipt after checking out.


Since its inception in response to the 9/11 tragedies, the Lionheart Foundation has been a financial conduit to ease the burden of West Islip families suffering through tragedies such as loss of a loved one, loss of income, home fires and unforeseen accidents. In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Lionheart will continue to offer financial relief for the victims of the storm. The Lionheart Foundation is administered by Mr. Mullins, Principal of Bayview Elementary School, and is run under the not-for-profit umbrella of the West Islip Summit Coalition. Requests for funds come from a variety of sources; a building principal or social worker may know of a family in need; a neighbor or friend may contact the Lionheart committee members, etc. The Foundation will consider all requests based on the severity of need, and respond immediately.