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Safety and Security

Sean McAleavey, Director of School Safety
(631) 504-5905

In these most uncertain of times, the West Islip School District has implemented the following procedures to ensure the safety of our students and staff in the wake of a catastrophic event:

  • In accordance with Project Save Legislation, each building has a district approved Emergency Procedure Guide. All staff members have a copy of this guide and have reviewed it with the principal. As with fire drills, periodic emergency drills will be practiced in each building. Please note that New York State law does not allow the contents of these plans to be made public. 

  • The district is constantly monitoring the NYSED and Homeland Security websites for emergency procedure updates. 

  • Contract changes have been approved which would allow an elementary teacher to ride the school bus during an unexpected catastrophic event. 

  • In the event of an emergency that requires the early release of elementary students, no elementary student will be allowed to go home to an unsupervised dwelling. 

  • In the event of a breakdown in communication throughout the district, each building principal has a walkie-talkie to contact District Office.

  • Contact with parents is the most important part of any emergency plan. Therefore, it is imperative that the latest contact information be on file in your child’s building.

  • Visit the websites below for tips and information on communication with your child about these tough issues.

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