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Staff Directory


CENTRAL ADMINISTRATION (*denotes website link)
Office of the Superintendent (631) 930-1560
(Superintendent of Schools)
(Administrative Assistant)

Business Office (631) 930-1530
(Assistant Superintendent for Business)
(Administrative Assistant)

Office of Curriculum & Instruction (631) 930-1559
(Asst. Supt. for Curriculum & Instruction)
(Principal Office Assistant)

Office of Human Resources (631) 930-1564
(Personnel Assistant)
(Personnel Assistant)

Office of Technology and Innovation (631) 930-1575
(Executive Director for Technology and Innovation)

DISTRICT ADMINISTRATION (*denotes website link)
Art and Music Education (631) 504-5806
(Director of Art & Music Education)

Athletics, Physical Education, Health and Recreation (631) 930-1540
(Director of Athletics, Physical Education, Health & Recreation)
(Senior Office Assistant)

(Senior Office Assistant)

Buildings and Grounds (631) 930-1500
(Director of Facilities)
(Senior Account Clerk)

(Assistant Plant Facilities Administrator)
(Senior Office Assistant)

Business Office (631) 930-1513
(Business and Operations Administrator)

Counseling and Social Workers {K-12} (631) 504-5830
(Director of Counseling and Social Workers {K-12})
(Senior Office Assistant)

Engineering Technology (631) 504-5877
(Lead Teacher of Engineering Technology)

English Language Arts {6 -12}, ENL and Library Media Centers {K-12}
(Director of English Language Arts {6-12} and ENL and Library Media Centers {K-12})
(Senior Office Assistant)

English Language Arts and Intervention Services {Literacy and Math} K-5 and MTSS {K-12} (631) 930-1586
(Director of English Language Arts and Intervention Services (Literacy and Math) K-5 and MTSS K-12)

Food Services (631) 930-1532
(Food Lunch Manager)
(Senior Office Assistant)

(Senior Office Assistant)

Instructional and Information Technology (631) 930-1570
( Assistant Director of Instructional and Information Technology/Data Privacy Officer)

Mathematics, Business Education and Family and Consumer Sciences (631) 504-5808
(Director of Mathematics, Business Education and Family and Consumer Sciences)
(Senior Office Assistant)

Public and Media Relations

School Safety (631) 504-5905
(Director of School Safety)

Science and Engineering Technology (631) 504-5809
(Director of Science and Engineering Technology)
(Senior Office Assistant)

Social Studies/International Baccalaureate Coordinator (631) 504-5852
(Director of Social Studies/International Baccalaureate Coordinator)
(Senior Office Assistant)

Special Education (631) 930-1545
(Director of Special Education)
(Assistant Director of Special Education)

(Senior Account Clerk)
(Senior Office Assistant)

(Senior Office Assistant)
(Office Assistant)

World Languages (631) 504-5898
(Lead Teacher of World Languages)
(Senior Office Assistant)