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Udall Road Middle School

900 Udall Road, West Islip, New York 11795
(631) 930-1650  FAX (631) 893-3301

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Dr. Daniel Marquardt,  Principal

Ms. Lauren Lay, Assistant Principal

Principal's Secretary:  Lois VanMeurs
Assistant Principal's Secretary: Donna Cama

Nurse:  Suzanne O'Connor (631) 930-1670
FAX (63) 669-0329 

PTA President:  Sam Riley

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Current News

Udall and Oquenock Orchestras Record “Winter Treat” Performances

Orchestras thumbnail179496

For the young musicians at Udall and Oquenock, the lack of formal winter concerts due to the pandemic did not stop them from their studies. For the month of December, both schools’ orchestras took a break from their exercises and concert-style music and enjoyed playing holiday classics for fun, which were recorded as "Winter Treat" videos for the students’ families.

“Approaching the school year, I thought this would be really hard to accept for my students and myself,” said Orchestra Director Lynnette Fawess. “It turned out to have many silver linings. We have been able to return to the basics and really focus on technique, note reading skills and ensemble playing without the pressure or ‘deadline’ of the winter concert. It was a nice change of pace and allowed room and time to build on our rapport with each other after having many months apart.”

Udall Seventh Graders Sample a “Book Tasting”

Udall Seventh Graders Sample a “Book Tasting” thumbnail178852

At Udall, library media specialist Denise Lamattina and reading teacher Ariana Stubbmann invited Lynette Gottesman’s class into the library for a socially distanced “book tasting.”

During English class, the seventh graders completed a survey, choosing an “appetizer,” “entrée” and “dessert.” The students were given the option to choose from various genres they would like to sample. During class, they discussed the attributes of these genres and discussed ways to choose appropriate books. 

While in the library, Lamattina and Stubbmann led the students through a series of activities in order to sample the books. They set the library up as a cafe, complete with music, candles, tablecloths and menus. The students completed a Jamboard to identify books that they were interested in reading, with most students checking books out at the end of the activity. The students plan on using their selections for an independent reading activity in class.  

Udall Sixth Graders Take Virtual Space Tour

Udall sixth graders take virtual space tour thumbnail178635
Udall sixth graders take virtual space tour thumbnail178636

Udall students in Janet Renganeschi’s science class recently participated in a virtual reality lesson on the atmosphere using Google Expeditions, an immersive education app that allows teachers and students to explore the world through over 1,000 virtual reality tours. Renganeschi and library media specialist Denise Lamattina brought the sixth graders into outer space on board a weather balloon so that the students could identify the layers of the atmosphere and determine how temperature affects what occurs in each.

“By helping students visualize information in a new way, you can positively impact their ability to retain information,” said Renganeschi.  

Demonstrating Kindness at Udall

Demonstrating Kindness at Udall thumbnail178540
Students in Tricia Mileti’s health class at Udall recently celebrated Kindness Day by writing kind statements and quotes on sticky notes.