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New York State Education Law requires that all students participating in interscholastic sports must have a physical examination.  The West Islip School District is mandating student athletes to obtain their own sports physical from private physicians.  All physicians who administer a physical are required to complete the form provided by the school district.  Students are to return the completed form to the nurse's office of their respective school upon completion of the physical.  Sport sign-ups are conducted through Final Forms.  Sport physicals are valid for one year.

  • The West Islip Public Schools Medical Examination Form must be used.  Form can  obtained from the school buildings Health Office, District Office or downloaded here.
  • The physical will be at the expense of the parent.
  • Upon completion of the physical, the completed form must be returned to the Nurse's Office of your respective school.


Students in the district are covered against accidental injury under a school-time plan of insurance.  Students are covered while attending school, during hours, all interscholastic activities including summer academic classes, attending school-sponsored and school-supervised activities during the school term, and traveling directly to and from school for the aforementioned.

Note:  This coverage is in excess of any other insurance coverage you may have on your student and claims are paid on a usual and reasonable basis.

The policy states that notice of claim must be given to the insurance company within 45 days from the date of the accident.  To recover your medical expenses in excess of all other coverages you hold, follow these steps:

Pupil Benefits Plan, Inc. Claim Procedure - Parent Information 

  • When your child is injured in a school-sponsored activity, you have 45 days from the date of injury to seek medical treatment and notify the insurance company.  Verify with school authorities that your child's injury was reported to Pupil Benefits Plan.
  • Obtain a claim form from the Nurse's Office in the building in which your child attends and submit it with your itemized bills no later than one year from the date of injury.  This must be done even if treatment is not completed.  If you have health insurance that covers your student, also include the Explanation of Benefits or Rejection notice from your carrier.
  • Double check that you have answered all questions on the claim form.  Slashes, dashes, or blank spaces do not constitute answers.  Be certain that bills are itemized.  The company will be unable to determine benefits from balance due statements.
  • When submitting additional bills or correspondence at a later date, include the school district, student's name, and the date of injury.
  • Write legibily and check photocopies for clarity.


By following these procedures, you will help us settle your claim as swiftly as possible.  Submitting incomplete claim information will delay your settlement.  If you need special assistance, call Pupil Benefits Plan (518) 377-5144 between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.  Fax number is (518) 377-3291.

If your child is injured while participating in an interscholastic sport, the physician's discharge date and allowance to return to participation terminates benefits for that inury.