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Go to Castle Learning

Castle Step 1



When you see the Castle Learning ID Screen, review the directions for logging on:

Year of graduation + your last name + first letter of your first name +
Example:  John Smith is graduating in 2018.
(Use high school graduating year)
(use the same logon as you do for Google now)

Password: wis + student id
wis12345 (wis + use your student ID minus any zeros in the beginning)



Select your course(s); complete assignments as directed by teacher; or begin by creating your own assignments for practice or review.


Castle Step 3

Click below for printable a guide and directions:

Castle Learning Online® is a web site for students and teachers, providing content review and skill assessment activities for Math, Science, Social Studies, English and Foreign Languages. Instant feedback and progress reports pinpoint a student's strengths and weaknesses.  Castle Learning Online is easily accessible from school, library - even at home - wherever an Internet-connected computer is available.

Student Reference Card - description of student pages

Parent Letter


Benefits for STUDENTS

  • Learn at your own pace • Review what’s most important for you.

  • Always Ready—Your own student home page shows the assignments from your teachers, whether you’ve completed them and your scores. Here you’ll have everything you need—both the questions and helpful reference material.

  • You can sign-in from school, home or library to work and when you finish your assignment, it’s automatically sent to your instructor.

  • Instant Feedback—In review sessions, you know always how many questions you’ve answered correctly and your score.

  • Behind the Correct Answers—Every correct answer includes an explanation of the reasons why the answer is the right choice.

  • Help for Wrong Answers—Every incorrect answer includes key information in the form of a ‘hint’ plus related vocabulary with definitions and the opportunity for you to answer the question again.

  • Personalized Reviews—Instant feedback from assignments lets you know which areas need more review. It’s easy to create a personalized session with more questions on the same topic so your child can practice at his or her own paced with emphasis on the areas most needed.

  • Independent Use—Create your own review to practice in your areas of weakness. Students have access to all courses plus special math skill and vocabulary activities.



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***Students can access Castle Learning Online from school, home, or library - every day - day or night!