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Vocal Motion Experiences Magic of Disney

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On April 7, West Islip High School’s Vocal Motion traveled to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. The group was accepted into the Disney’s Imagination Campus Program and was approved to participate in two workshops and perform on the main stage for show choirs.

Through Imagination Campus, Vocal Motion spent four days in Disney as honorary cast members and learned from the best in the industry. In the first workshop, Sound Session, students learned the vocal techniques needed to succeed in professional entertainment and performed a rendition of songs from the movie “Tangled.” Their voices were recorded for sound effects and the soundtrack for the original animation. A Disney audio engineer worked his magic, and the students were able to watch their hard work come to life.

In the next workshop, Disney Broadway Magic, Vocal Motion learned about the audition process, acting techniques and staging from “Frozen.” Through this process, the scene was casted, and the group was taught the original stage choreography of “Colder by the Minute” from “Frozen: the Broadway Musical.” In both workshops, Vocal Motion was under the direction of Walt Disney World cast members who shared their passion and experience with the students.

Finally, Vocal Motion returned to the Disney Springs stage for the first time in many years to perform for family, friends and onlookers. The performance was filled with excitement, talent and a beautiful showcase of what Vocal Motion is truly all about.

Date Added: 5/10/2024